General Visa Requirements

  • Passport not older than 10 years and the validity of which has to exceed that of the requested visa by at least 3 months.
  • A photocopy of the personal data page of the passport.
  • 1 passport-sized colour photo not older than 6 months and dimensions 30mm X 35 mm.
  • Official invitation issued by the Slovak Police Authorities.
  • Adequate and valid individual travel/ medical insurance.
  • Visa fees 80 Euros.

Additional Requirements

  • In case the applicant is not a Kenyan citizen, certificate certifying lawful stay in Kenya.
  • In case of a multiple entry visa, documents certifying the grounds for the multiple visits.
  • In the case of minors, a written declaration by the legal representative giving consent to the travel.
  • Besides meeting the general requirements, the applicant shall also supply a certificate of the financial coverage of his expenses and a certificate of the purpose of the visit.